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       Odisha is one of the fastest growing states of India with vibrant industrial ecosystem and abundant natural resources. It has a strategic location on the eastern coast, which provides access to global shipping and trade routes. Major railway lines pass through it, connecting central India with the south. The State Government’s pro- business strategies coupled with socio-economic developmental policies makes Odisha a unique location for setting up of industries and manufacturing operations. Additionally, the State Government provides various fiscal and non-fiscal incentives to sustainable businesses.

       Apparel and Technical Textiles has been identified by Government of Odisha as one of its Focus Sectors in IPR-2015. Being one of India’s leading Handloom and Handicraft producing states, Odisha now aims to harness its potential to develop a strong Textile sector including Apparel and Technical Textiles. The state’s vision is to create an investor-friendly industrial environment with easy access to raw material and manpower with the long-term goal of boosting employment opportunities. This would augment per capita income in the state.

      In view of this, the Handlooms, Textiles and Handicrafts Department, Government of Odisha has formulated the Odisha Apparel and Technical Textiles Policy 2022. This is a natural outcome of the pro-poor and pro-industry outlook of the Government, which was first manifested in Odisha Apparel Policy-2016. Buoyed by the success of Odisha Apparel Policy-2016 and learning from the experience gained from its implementation, the current policy has been formulated.

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