Department of Textiles & Handloom


  • Paradigm shift from WCS to Cluster approach.
  • Induction of private Entrepreneurs.
  • Entrepreneurship Developments among Master Weavers.
  • Use of IT facilities at all level like Government Directorate WCS and clusters.
  • Emphasis on Research and Development.
  • Techno- financial support for viable WCS.
  • Active linkage with tourism sector.
  • Skill upgradation in diversified product, Dyeing, Processing etc.
  • Aggressive market access initiatives for export of handlooms.
  • Opening of International marketing cell.
  • Promotion of Apparel & garment sector.
  • Production of organic and medium staple cotton in KBK region.

It is envisioned that the Sericulture sector of the State shall:
  • Become a better organized livelihood activity for SC, ST and BPL farmers, silk reelers, silk weavers and other associated artisans.
  • Evolve suitable framework in order to help the sericulture farmers, silk reelers and silk weavers to have better control on their livelihood and the sector.
  • Help in developing increased efficiency and sustained development of sericulture¬†activities in Mulberry, Tasar & Eri.

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