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Co-operative marketing system is followed in the State. All the rearers / reelers have organized primary co-operatives at Block level and Apex Co-operative at state level.

A brief information On Orissa co-op. Tasar & silk Federation ltd. (Serifed)


Production of tasar cocoon and marketing of silk products has been a major livelihood option of the tribal farmers of the Sundargarh, Keonjhar, Mayurbhanj, Dhenkanal, Angul, Sambalpur, Deogarh, Boudh, Nuapada, Jajpur districts and weavers of Sambalpur, Sonepur, Cuttack, Jajpur, Keonjhar, Ganjam, Kalahandi, Bolangir and Koraput districts of Orissa.

In the year 1962, the responsibility of silk cocoon production, marketing and its promotion in Orissa was vested on an Apex Cooperative Society known as Orissa State Tasar & Silk Cooperative Society Ltd., (OST&SCS) where 62 primary TRCS, 36 MRCS and 60 Silk WCS were the members. OST&SCS Ltd. had been working for all-round development of tasar, mulberry and Eri culture, marketing of cocoons, Silk yarn and fabrics through its branches and member primary Cooperatives. It provided employment opportunity to 35462 ST, 30957 SC and 4505 OBC families in silk worm rearing and 30000 families in silk reeling and weaving. It provided both forward and backward linkages to silk producing rearers and weavers. It ensured reliable and accepted markets for the commodities and fair price for the producers and consumers. OST&SCS Ltd. was the only organisation authorised by the State Govt. for marketing of cocoons and yarn. In the year 2001, OST&SCS Ltd. was named as Orissa Cooperative Silk Federation Ltd. i.e. SERIFED and during 2003 it was renamed as Orissa Cooperative Tasar & Silk Federation Ltd., (SERIFED).   

Major Objectives (as per Bye-law):

The objects of the Society are to organise and develop the sericulture industry in Orissa on a Cooperative basis and to expand market for sericulture products i.e. Cocoons, Yarn and Fabrics in and outside the State. To attain these objectives, the SERIFED ltd. should have a sound economic foundation.

  • To arrange fund for carrying on business.
  • To provide financial and other assistants to the member societies for raising silk worm food plantations, rearing of Silk worm, Reeling and Spinning of cocoons and weaving of silk fabrics.
  • To develop, assist and supervise activity of the member societies.
  • To take lease from the Forest Deptt. for rearing of tasar silkworm and collection of tasar cocoons for the society on behalf of the members.
  • To organise and raise plantation of Silkworm food plant and rearing of Silkworm.
  • To establish and operate pilot project centers, grainage for development of sericulture including providing assistance to the member societies by way of supplying Disease Free Layings.
  • To fix gradation and purchase price of tasar & mulberry cocoons.
  • To arrange for procurement, lifting and marketing of cocoons, reeled yarn and fabrics inside and outside the state without prejudice to the interests of the member society.
  • To arrange raw materials and equipments for promotion of sericulture industry and sale those to the members / Govt. institutions and beneficiaries covered under various scheme.
  • To arrange for training of the villagers, members of the primary societies, personal of the society and Govt. Deptt. in various aspects of sericulture.
  • To arrange for various publicity measures on sericulture such as production of documentary films, organisation / participation in Exhibitions and Fairs, Publication of Pamphlets, report, map etc. for distribution among the members, villagers, Govt. staff and officers.
  • To organise conference and seminars for benefit of the members, Govt. officials and other institution connected with development of Sericulture.
  • To create necessary infrastructure for promotion of Sericulture as a source a gainful employment in the State.
  • To plan and implement various plans and projects for the development of sericulture.
  • To enter in to collaboration with exporters and other institutions including foreign collaborators for promoting sericulture in the state.
  • To maintain vehicles for transportation of the goods of the society.
  • To own land, buildings and other immovable properties and assets in persuation to its objects.
  • To receive service charges for service rendered.
  • To have an Engineering Cell with necessary personal for construction of various work of the Society, the member societies and other institutions related to the cause of sericulture.
  • To do such other acts as may help the development of sericulture industry in the State.
  • To establish and export branch at the Headquarters of the society for collection and sale of tasar and silk fabrics.

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