Department of Textiles & Handloom

Office And Their Locations

Designation of the Officer Office Location / Place Name Telephone Nos.
Secretary, Ministry of Textiles , Govt. of India New Delhi 011-23061769
Development Commissioner of Handloom Govt. of India New Delhi 011-23062945
Minister, Textiles & Handloom , Orissa Bhubaneswar 0674-2405535
Secretary, Textiles & Handloom Bhubaneswar 0674-2536995
Joint Secretary, Textiles & Handloom Bhubaneswar 0674-2390284
Deputy Secretary, Textiles & Handloom Bhubaneswar 0674-2322783
Under Secretary, Textiles & Handloom Bhubaneswar 0674-2322784
AFA-cum-Under Secretary, Textiles & Handloom Bhubaneswar 0674-2322786
Director of Textiles & Handloom, Orissa Bhubaneswar 0674-2501383
Additional Director of Textiles, Hqrs Bhubaneswar 0674-2503891
Deputy Director of Textiles (H. Qtrs) Bhubaneswar 0674-2531071
Deputy Director of Textiles (H. Qtrs) Bhubaneswar 0674-2530801
Joint Director Sericulture (H. Qtrs) Bhubaneswar 0674-2530802
Deputy Director Sericulture (H. Qtrs) Bhubaneswar 0674-2575790
Joint Director Textiles, Central Division Bhubaneswar 0674-2515236
Joint Director Textiles, Western Division Bargarh 06646-233325
Deputy Director Textiles, South Central Division  Khurda 06755-220576
Deputy Director Textiles , Southern Division Berhampur 06680-2291234
Deputy Director Textiles , K.B.K. Division Koraput 06852-250204
Joint Director Sericulture Koraput 06766-255252
Deputy Director Sericulture Keonjhar 06816-257388
Deputy Director Sericulture Chandragiri 06816-257388
Assistant Director Textiles Cuttack 0671-2649133
Assistant Director Textiles Athagarh 06723-220214
Assistant Director Textiles Khurda 06755-220576
Assistant Director Textiles Nayagarh 06753-252015
Assistant Director Textiles Balasore 06782-262907
Assistant Director Textiles Baripada 06792-252482
Assistant Director Textiles Bargarh 06646-233161
Assistant Director Textiles Sonepur 06654-220232
Assistant Director Textiles Sundergarh 06622-272437
Assistant Director Textiles Berhampur 0680-2291234
Assistant Director Textiles Koraput 06852-250464
Assistant Director Textiles Boudh 06841-222085
Assistant Director Textiles Bhawanipatna 06670-230429
Assistant Director Textiles Dhenkanal 06762-226491
Assistantl Director Sericulture Bhubaneswar 0674-2725462f
Assistant Director Sericulture Baripada 06792-253155
Assistant Director Sericulture Keonjhar 06766-255497
Assistant Director Sericulture Deogarh 06641-226790
Assistant Director Sericulture Dhenkanal 06762-224564
Assistant Director Sericulture Sundergarh 06622-272336
Assistant Director Sericulture Chandragiri 06816-257388
Assistant Director Sericulture Bhawanipatna 06670-230549
Assistant Director Sericulture Koraput 06852-250204
Assistant Director Sericulture Phulbani 06842-253365
Assistant Director Sericulture Bhawanipatna 06670-230549
Research Officer, Sericulture Baripada -
Sambalpuri Bastralya HlCS Ltd, Bargarh Bargarh 06646-230472(O)
SPINFED Bhubaneswar 0674-2540432
OSHWCS Ltd. (Boyanika) Bhubaneswar 0674- 2395387
SERIFED Bhubaneswar 0674-2511586
Weaver Service Centre, Bhubaneswar 011-2501859
NHDC Bhubaneswar 0674-251038
Textiles Committee Mumbai 022-3736460
Textiles Committee Bhubaneswar 022-2543723
CSB, Member Secretary Bangalore 080-26680190

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