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Sericulture is an important agro based cottage industries. It has great potentiality to generate employment opportunities on a massive scale in rural section for financial up-liftment of the rural poor. The main objectives of Sericulture are:-

  • To produce quality silk and by-products of silk by adopting latest innovative package of practices and render necessary services at village level in order to ensure its marketability.
  • To enhance sericulture activities and its marketability as a part of rural industry.
  • Development of Socio-Economic standard of Rural poor through sericulture.
  • Boost up cocoon and silk production by development of systematic and economic plantation at sericultural farmers level so as to enhance the productivity.
  • To provide sustainable employment in rural areas through sericulture activities.
  • To ensure effective management of sericulture activities, active participation of beneficiaries and stakeholders.
  • Providing training, financial assistance, infrastructure and other inputs for silkworm cultivation in the state.

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