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Agencies :

Mainly 3 no of Apex marketing organizations are functioning under Government patronage. These agencies are formed by the producers cooperatives of the State. The products so produced are mainly marketed through different sales outlet existing both inside & outside the State (metros & Cities). In addition to this different National and State level exhibitions are also conducted by these agencies to explore National, Domestic as well as niche market .A nos. of substantive measures have also been taken by these agencies like exports, registration under Geographical indication act, total  quality management (TQM) of the product etc


The State level Apex organization of PWCS known as Orissa State Handloom Weaver’s Cooperative Society through which a sizable amount of cloth so produced by rural weavers are marketed through its sales outlet situated both in and outside the State.

Sambalpuri Bastralaya

At the level of Primary Societies in the Western part of the State, marketing of the Products are taken care by Sambalpuri Bastralaya which is considered to be one of the largest Primary Societies in Asia. Mostly the products are marketed through buy back arrangement between the society and the producer. The marketing network is spreaded all over the country both in and outside of the State.


Serifed and Apex body of Tassar cooperatives also markets the product produced by cooperative societies through their sales outlet situated in different places of the State.

Odisha State Cooperative Handicrafts Corporation Limited (Utkalika) established under OCS Act, 1962, is the Apex body of Primary Handicraft Cooperative Societies in Odisha. The main objective of the Corporation is to organize and promote various handicraft industries on commercial basis within its area of operation along with procurement & marketing of handicraft products both inside and outside of the country. For more details click on .

The State Institute for Development of Arts & Crafts (SIDAC) has been constituted by the Government under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 with a view to develop the Arts & Crafts of Odisha. The main objective of the organization is to create a conducive environment for preserving and promoting the cultural heritage of the state. For more details click on


In addition to this the producer cooperatives also market its own products through local /city base reputed private traders with mutually agreed terms and conditions.

To facilitate new product launching and exposure, different State & National  level events organized by the Government from time to time depending upon festive occasions.

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