Department of Textiles & Handloom

Major Products

Cocoon Tasar Cocoons, Mulberry cocoons, Eri cocoons
Yarn Tasar Silk Yarn, Mulberry Silk Yarn, Spun yarn (Tasar, Mulberry & Eri)
Fabrics Silk, Tasar & Cotton Handloom  Exclusive design  Fabric (Sarees, Scarfs, Dress Materials)
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Daily Updates Raw Silk Price, Bangalore
Raw Silk Price, TN & AP
Reeling Cocoon Price
Bivoltine Cocoon Price at BiVoltine Cocoon Market
Silk Waste Price
Monthly Updates Spun Silk Yarn Noil Yarn Price
Periodical Updates Pure Mysore Seed Cocoon Price
Disease Free Layings Price
Review of Silk Exports & Imports
Table I Total Export Earnings of Silk Items
Table II Country-wise Silk Export Earnings
Table III Import of Raw Silk, Silk Yarn & Fabrics by the Country
Table IV Country-wise Imports of Raw Silk
Silk Price
Table I Transaction of Raw Silk At Bangalore Silk Exchange
Table II Transaction of Filature/Cottage Basin Raw Silk of Different Deniers at Bangalore
Table III Transaction of Charka Raw Silk of Different Varieties at Bangalore
Table IV Price of Indigenous Silk
Table V Price of Imported Mulberry Raw Silk
Table VI Mulberry Reeling Cocoon Prices
Table VII Price of Non-Mulberry Cocoon and Raw Silk

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