Department of Textiles & Handloom

Revised long-term action plan for KBK Districts.


Under Handloom Sector implementation of schemes such as Workshed-cum-Housing,Health Package to Weavers, Bunakara  Bima Yojana and Interest subsidy  to the Primary Weavers Co-operative Societies are operating in KBK areas of the state with assistance from the State Government as well as the Central Government under Revised Long Term Action Plan.

During the year 2004 -05 funds to the tune of 125.00 Lakhs were sanctioned benefiting 1215 weavers through marketing   incentives, revolving working capital, weaving accessories and common facility centers.

In the year 2005-06 a sum of   50 Lakhs have been provided in the  Budget with a target of   providing assistance to 41 numbers of PWCS constitutions

6529 beneficiaries.

In the Sericulture Sector   promotion of   Sericulture continues to operate in  KBK districts under Revised Long Term Action Plan.

During  2004-05 Rupees  50 Lakhs were sanctioned  benefiting 295  families in Mulberry Plantation and Silk Worm  rearing , construction of One MECS and One MRS  building , establishing One Eri  farm-cum-grainery and renovation of two Tassar

Seed infrastructure  projects.

In the year 2005-06  Rupees 50 Lakhs  have been  provided in the Budget with a  target of benefiting 30 Tassar rearers and construction of three Tassar graineurs in KBK districts under RLTAP  including construction of 208 rearing houses for 90 beneficiaries , preparation of Vermi composts  for 26 numbers of farmers  and supply of  quality disinfectants to 113 farmers in Mulberry  section. Construction of 208 numbers of Ere  rearing  houses for the Ere  farmers and One Ere  farm-cum-grainage  have been targeted for the year 2005-06.

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