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Handloom Sector, next to the agriculture provides massive employment to the rural artisans. So far as our State is concerned, it has a rich tradition of producing handloom products. Even the skill and knowledge imbibed over the generation, has given the Orissa hand woven textiles an unparalleled depth, range, strength and vigor. Handloom cloth is one of the richest and resilient medium of ethnic expressions. For the weaver weaving of cloth is not just commercial venture but it represents the philosophy the way of life. Thus Orissa still retains their place of pride for unique and exquisite creations in all over the world.

The Handloom Industry in Orissa is the largest cottage Industry providing employment and sustenance to 4 % of the population of the State. Right from producing superior artistic fabrics of excellence, this Industry also produces utility fabrics for the common masses at cheaper cost. However in face of teething competition in open market, the strengthening of the Industry and its diversification is the continuous need for its survival is being provided by Govt. assistance in different forms. To achieve this end, different schemes have been formulated and are working under the Textile Directorate of the state. The demographic picture of weaving sector is ST-1 % (6552), SC-30 % (123544) others –69 %(288165) having 1.19 lakh number of looms in the state. Of which 88186 nos of looms have been brought under the cooperative fold and developmental activities are mostly being under taken in this organized sector under the directorate of Textiles. During 8th & 9th five-year plan the following schemes were implemented by Directorate of Textiles through Zonal offices and all such assistance are being provided to the PWCS.

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