Department of Textiles & Handloom

Action Plan

For the year 2011-12 under handloom sector it has been targeted to provide Rs 5589.93 lakh under State Plan, Rs 1481.02 lakh under Centrally Sponsored Plan. The assistance will include
  • Rs 350.00 lakh for construction of 1000 workshed.
  • Rs 50.00 lakh to State Handloom Cluster, Nuapatna for implementation of 4th year’s programme. 
  • Setting up of 3 new Raw Material Banks in handloom Clusters.
  • Skill up gradation training to 1460 weavers through 78 numbers of programmes  with a financial involvement of Rs 176.89 lakh( To be funded by Self Employment Mission)
  • Assistance to 2300 weavers under Technological Intervention
  • Assistance to 320 weavers and staff for training and exposure visit 
  • Assistance of Rs 60.00 lakh to participate in 200 programmes.
  • Implementation of Cluster Development Programme in four more clusters.
  • Implementation of around 15 projects under Group Approach.
  • Re-imbursement of Marketing Incentive claims of around PWCS & 3 apex organisations. (Outside Budget)
  • Assistance of Rs 600.00 lakh to Primary WCS and 3 State Level Organisations for reimbursement of 10 % rebate on sale of handloom cloth during festive occasions.
  • Organization of 25 District Level Events, one National Expos and three Special Handloom Expo.
  • Providing assistance of Rs 200.00 lakh Sambalpuri Bastralaya Hlcs Ltd, under the scheme “One time Revolving Fund for procurement of Raw Materials”

Budget Outlay 2011-2012. (Rs. in lakh)
Handloom Sector

Name of the schemes State plan Central plan Centrally sponsored plan Special / Additional
Central assistance
State share GOI Share
Promotion of Handloom Industries 1114.90        
Design Intervention for Business Development in handloom sector 0.01        
Capacity building in handloom sector through training and technological Intervention 5.00        
State Resource Center & Research Development Cell 0.01        
Grant-in Aid to SADHAC 5.00        
One Time Revolving Fund for procurement of Raw Materials 200.00        
Setting up NIFT Center at Bhubaneswar 3500.00        
10 % One Time Rebate on Sale of handloom cloth 600.00        
Grant to OSHDC for watch & ward expenses 5.00        
Share capital Investment in OSHWCS. 0.01        
Formation of CoC through FABINDIA 100.00        
Promotion of Textile Industries 5.00        
Grant to SPINFED for watch & ward expenses 50.00        
Grant to OSTC (BTM) for watch & ward expenses 5.00        
Establishment of IIHT at Bargarh   0.01    
Restructuring Plan for Sambalpuri Bastralaya    0.01      
Integrated Handloom Development Scheme          
i) Cluster Approach     70.00 500.00  
ii) Group approach     60.00 150.00  
iii) Marketing Incentive     350.00 350.00  
Marketing Access Initiative (MAI)     0.01 0.01  
10% Special rebate on sale of handloom cloth   600.00      
Establishment of IIHT at Bargarh   0.01      
SUB-TOTAL 5589.93 0.02 480.01 1000.01  

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